Nutrition 101 - 6 Week Challenge

What you eat not only determines how fit and healthy you look, but also how good you feel, how mentally focused you are, and how energized you are throughout the day. It also fuels your workouts, so you can get fitter and stronger. You can’t out train a bad diet. Nutrition is the key to progress.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when dieting or making changes with their nutrition is trying to change too much all at once. They quickly get overwhelmed and revert back to where they started. This obviously isn’t the best way to change your nutrition if your goal is sustainable weight loss. You revert back to your old habits which will get you no where. Habits are a part of our everyday life...for example, brushing your teeth. You don’t think twice about doing it because its been a habit that you built into your everyday life. However, you haven’t always known how to brush your teeth everyday, you had to be taught, and then make time to do it. This is how habits are made. You have to practice a skill over and over in order for it to become second nature.

Building nutrition habits works the same way. During these 6 weeks we will focus on a new habit each week, while building ontop of the previous habits. There will be no calorie tracking, no weighing food or fitting it into little containers. I will teach you how to make changes in your eating habits that will be easy to fit in to your life. This challenge will teach you how and what you should eat, portion control and all about Macronutrients (Protein, Carbs & Fats). You will do weigh ins, measurements and progress pictures at home (or with me if you choose and you are currently doing classes)at the beginning, middle and end of this program. We will also have a private facebook page for this program for check ins, accountability, support, motivation, Q&A’s, sharing recipes etc.

The goal is to show you just how simple proper nutrition can be and how you can fit healthy eating into your life no matter how busy you are. This method works because you will not feel overwhelmed by trying to change too many things at once.

This program is designed to have you be more mindful of what and how much you are eating and how food is fuel for your body.I promise, if you stick to this you will feel and see the difference!

Next Challenge will start January 8th 2018!!



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Next challenge date will be posted soon!

Before and after from Kelly's Nutrition 101 Challenge! She lost 7 INCHES from her body in just 6 weeks!

Before and afters from Rachelles Nutrition 101 Challenge! She lost 9 INCHES from her body in just 6 weeks!!

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