Welcome to PrettyFit Athletics! 

We are currently offering Metafit classes! Want to burn up to 1500 calories from just a 30 minute workout?! Burn calories in your sleep?! Then these classes are for you! 

All classes are open to both women and men and are good for all abilities whether you are new to working out, a seasoned gym goer or an athlete!

We have a private Facebook group for everyone that is currently signed up for classes. This is a great way to stay motivated and encourage each other! There is a Fit Test posted that I encourage everyone to do before the day of the first class and then do it again at the end of the session to see how you have improved! There’s also info on taking body measurements and progress pictures that I highly recommend you do too to track your progress! I post nutrition tips, workout tips, challenges and motivation through this group!

Also, you will receive 15% off anything you purchase from PrettyFit Boutique when you join our classes!

Coming Soon....MetaPWR!

A power circuit class using equipment such as: kettle bells, battle ropes, sand bags etc.

Click here for a preview of MetaPWR

Shop the boutique for fun motivational tanks and tees! I screen print them all myself :) When you sign up for classes you get 15% off!

"Never let time be a deterrent to a goal... the time is going to pass no matter what, you might as well get what you want."